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DePaul University

Go Bluedemons!

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Depaul University
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This community is for people who go to, or are interested in, or have graduated from DePaul Univeristy in Chicago, Illinois. The largest Catholic university in the United States, DePaul has about seven campuses around the Chicagoland area. I don't care what you talk about, just keep it tame, be respectful, and have a good time.

Some Useful Links
Chicago College LJ Community: chicago_college

Stuff to do in the city:

How to get around Chicago:

Chicago Craigslist:

DePaul Links:
http://www.depaul.edu - official website
http://www.stvdep.org/witness/links.asp - official website for St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church
http://www.depaulbluedemons.com/ - blue demons athletics
http://depaul.edu/about/campus_events/index.asp - campus events

Community is moderated by curbside_yogini. If you have any problems, find me on my lj; any of the contact methods I have are listed on my profile. If you are a band, artist, whatever, and want to advertise your upcoming shows in Chicago, please feel free to advertise in this community, however, spam it, and I will ban your ass. Thanks guys!

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