Rosalyn (rosalyn) wrote in demonsrus,

psychology, sociology, public policy depts

I am switching majors and the main contenders of the hour are psychology, sociology, and public policy studies. 

Does anyone out there have a strong opinion about the quality of any of these programs, departments, or faculty? 

How different are the sociology and psychology departments/programs (I mean at DePaul specifically, not the studies in general)? 

Are there a lot of prerequisites for any of these majors - is it like bio where required prereqs are offered once a year or is it like communications where nothing is a prerequisite for anything else and classes are offered all the time?

I only just started looking at public policy today, so am still not totally clear on the focus of the program.  Plz tell me more about it if you know.

Any info is appreciated, and thanks.chicago_college
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