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Is anyone even still watching this community...?

So, uh, hey. I'm an Honors student trying to figure out what science course I want to take to fulfill my lab requirement. I'll post the list of accepted courses in a cut below. If anyone has any comment on any of the courses (good, bad, neutral), I'd really like to hear about it.

Lab Science

ANT120 - The Science of Archaeology
BIO155 - Introduction to Biology with Lab
BIO156 - Food, Fuel for Life
BIO160 - Marine Biology with Lab
BIO202 - Mammalian Physiology
BIO239 - The Brain: Biology, Evolution and Consciousness
BIO258 - The Sun in the Church: Solar Observations from Rome to the Renaissance
CHE101 - Exploring Matter
CHE103 - Environmental Chemistry
CHE105 - Exploring Nutrients/Science of Nutrition
CHE107 - Proteins and Their Genes
CHE109 - Forensic Chemistry
ENV125 - The Earth Through Time
NSG230/WMS230 - Women's Health: The Physical Self
PHY114 - Exploring Other Worlds
PHY200 - Light and Atoms

Lab or Quantitative Science Courses

ART223 - Light, Color, and Photography
ART295/GPH259 - Art & Geometry
BIO161 - Infectious Diseases and Immunity With Lab
BIO166 - Intro to Plant Biology with Lab
BIO256 - Principles Biology
BIO257 - Avian Biology and Behavior
ENV102 - Introduction to Environmental Science
ENV115 - Environmental Geology
ENV224 - The Environment of the Chicago River Watershed
ENV270 - Tropical Biology and Conservation
PHY110 - Basic Electronics
PHY155/156 - General Physics Summer Sequence
PHY206 - Sound and Acoustics
PHY223 - Light, Color, and Photography
PHY232 - Introduction to Digital Electronics

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that's all i have. you already hear what i gots to say. so yah. XD
You're useless. GTFO the interbutts.

I took ANT120 - The Science of Archaeology for was actually pretty interesting. i think its easier than taking bio or chem labs. you don't really have to memorize much.
i know you can take Psychology Reasearch Methods I as a science credit...but you have to already have taken a stats class. That might interest you more than bio or chem, ect

anyways, i'm taking it now and it's easy.

I haven't taken any of those courses, since the SI classes don't count for much when you're a science major. Surely you've thought of this already, but your best resource is probably If people didn't enjoy the prof much, the class probably isn't going to be that awesome either.
Is the CHE105 class with Meskauskas? If it is, TAKE IT. It's kind of hard, but you'll learn a lot and she's an awesome old Hungarian woman.
I don't know how far along in math you are/want to be, but I took Calculus and it satisfied both my math and science requirement. Of course, I'm in the old HP, so the requirements may have been updated since then.
Forensic Chem, with Layne Morsch! It's interesting (and you watch a lot of CSI)